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Cadillac ATS 2013 - Rough Idle problem , vehicle vibrates and shakes.

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I purchased a brand new 2013 Cadillac ATS 2.5 . I took for a test drive and in motion it rides well however when this vehicle is at a stop sign or stop light or general stop. Vehicle starts to shake, vibrate and misfires. This vibration is so annoying it make this nice looking vehicle appear to be a clunker. There is a so-called software fix or technical bulletin for this problem however It did not work for this vehicle. So I am forced to take vehicle to Better Business Bureau and possible thru Florida's Lemon Law Arbitration.

I am so disappointed in Cadillac and GM . GM wrote on final repair attempt that they think this is a normal characteristic for this vehicle at this time. This is not normal for any vehicle. I have had too many other vehicles and it's insulting. I would steer away from Cadillac ATS and this is certainly my last American vehicle unfortunately GM and Cadillac need to learn how to make 4 cyl engines.


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    I have 3 ats and have the same problem. Two of them are the 2.oT and one is a 3.6. The dealer told me it is a characteristic of the turbo engine, but my 3.6 also has this problem. So I do not know what the reason is for this.