Upgrade to HMI with Navigation?
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    Upgrade to HMI with Navigation?

    Can anybody tell me if upgrading to navigation is as east as getting a new HMI w/Navigation (VIN programmed) and a GPS Antenna installed?
    The company up here in Canada that looks after GM Electronics work says it can't be done but I see a few different companies in the USA selling
    OEM navigation upgrade for the ATS. A new 23443747 HMI with navigation can be purchased from my dealer for $775 Canadian dollars including
    having the VIN number programmed in. The GPS antennas only run about $40-$50. In USA the upgrade kit cost about $899 which is close to $1200
    Canadian dollars right now with the exchange on the dollar. so you can see it would be nice if I could just purchase the HMI up here and install it


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    I just did this exact upgrade. I purchased the gps antenna off eBay for $8, and a new HMI of the same part # as what you listed. I sent the HMI module to a company that did the GM software flash (they do need your vehice vin #) including the navigation software. Total all in including shipping was $600 USD. I installed the part myself and everything works great. Just FYI.

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    Hi Cadillacats2013,
    Can you share more details as I want to do the same thing to my 2013 ATS? Where did you get the HMI, who did the programming, what specific GPS antenna did you get, etc.
    Thanks ahead of time,

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