ATS 2.0L: Wet road and snow handling, in the real world?
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    ATS 2.0L: Wet road and snow handling, in the real world?

    I currently live in Southern California, but travel to Michigan. I would really love to hear what others have experienced with ATS 2.0 turbo on:

    1) Wet Roads:
    1.1) in SoCal (san diego hills)
    1.2) "normal" places, like Michigan, Indiana

    2) In the snow

    I grew up in Michigan, so know how 70's RWD and 80-90's FWD perform in snow and rain. I also know how most people drive negative 10 MPH in SoCal when someone spills a cup of water on the road.

    Would like to hear from people their experiences in real-world wet and snow driving conditions in different places.
    Much appreciated.

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    I live in Michigan and have had my ATS since January. It's a 2.0T Manual Trans RWD. I love driving the car in the snow and rain, it handles beautifully. In deep slush you can put your foot to the floor and traction control and stability control will keep you perfectly in line. In slippery conditions it tends to oversteer as opposed to understeer. Then traction control kicks in and you are back in line. I have never spun out, and have only gotten stuck once, and that was in the driveway with 8" of wet snow.

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