Could we see an ATS Vsport model?
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    Could we see an ATS Vsport model?

    Was just reading about a new trim-level being launched by Cadillac, Vsport. The Vsport trim-level sits between the base model and the track-oriented "V" models. It is first going to be rolled out on the XTS, which would raise that Cadillac's horsepower up to 410.

    Cadillac also says that they could expand the Vsport trim-level to other vehicles. So here's hoping that that vehicle is the ATS. A ATS Vsport would have over 400 horsepower, and would set the stage for a even faster ATS-V.

    Would you go for an ATS Vsport model? Do you think Cadillac will even build such a beast?

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    So there has been confirmation (sort of) from Cadillac that we will see more Vsport models. Cadillac product director Hampden Tener says, "In the future you can look to us to expand this idea to additional models, additional vehicle models, and also using the branding for performance or sport appearance -- related options and accessories."

    So Tener did not mention the ATS specifically, but everybody thinks it will be the ATS that gets the Vsport treatment.

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    Or course we will. The ATS-V is one of the most anticipated cars coming from Cadillac.

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    That and an ATS coupe, from what I've been gathering when the CTS coupe gets killed Caddy will be transitioning to a smaller sized coupe especially if they want to mount a serious threat to BMW.

    Here are the dimensions of the CTS coupe vs the 3 coupe, now 4 series. Dimensions are in inches.

    3 sereis coupe
    H 54.9
    L 181.9
    W 70.2

    CTS coupe
    H 56
    L 188.5
    W 74.1

    The CTS coupe lines up better size wise with the 6 series, Cadillac really needs a 3 coupe sized fighter which would be a perfect spot for the ATS coupe.. Oh yes and a blown six please

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