I HAD an ATS and had similar problems with it. The dealer could never reproduce the problems I was having. I am on the road often and couldn't afford to have something go wrong.....I traded the car in! The car is still sitting on the dealers lot. My problems went on for 2 plus months!
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Update. Ats sat overnight at local dealer,
Morning tech goes out, car starts, they test drove
No fault, analyzer had fuel faults logged, they
Reset and test again, no problems.
So they want me to take car and try it.
I refused because I drove it 450 km over
Mountain passes to shake things out ( was a good weekend)
I told them I would not drive the car back with
A possible computer problem. They understood
Payed for my rental for a week while the try
To figure it out with gm. Nothing like this has been
Recorded before, beginning to suspect
Fuel contamination myself. Great assistance
From gm and car drives beautifully. Hope to get
Back soon
Updates to follow