Ats died
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Thread: Ats died

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    Angry Ats died

    New 2lt 2 days old, stopped at light pressed on peddle
    Car sputtered and quit. engine light on an would not start.
    Had to get towed to a service centre. Holiday everything is closed
    Had to rent car. Being looked after. But very frustrating.
    I understand things malfunction, just hope it's not a trend.
    Anyone know of this happening, before? I will find out Tommorrow.

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    let us know what the cause was. I haven't heard of this happening personally.

    I am going to say you got a bad / lemon car.

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    Yeah this is the first im hearing of an issue like this with the ATS, keep us posted on what it is. It just might be an isolated issue.

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    Update. Ats sat overnight at local dealer,
    Morning tech goes out, car starts, they test drove
    No fault, analyzer had fuel faults logged, they
    Reset and test again, no problems.
    So they want me to take car and try it.
    I refused because I drove it 450 km over
    Mountain passes to shake things out ( was a good weekend)
    I told them I would not drive the car back with
    A possible computer problem. They understood
    Payed for my rental for a week while the try
    To figure it out with gm. Nothing like this has been
    Recorded before, beginning to suspect
    Fuel contamination myself. Great assistance
    From gm and car drives beautifully. Hope to get
    Back soon
    Updates to follow

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    well keep us updated if anything ever does show up. not sure if it's a good thing or bad thing that the problem went away the next day.

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    Update: my dealer is driving my rental
    Back (450km) picking up my car and
    Driving it back, with test gear hooked up.
    When they get back if unable to fault
    They will reload all engine modual software.
    So far fault has not materialized.

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    Hopefully that is the case and it has nothing to do with the car.

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    After a week of poking, prodding and more tests
    Than an episode of house, they are unable
    To fault my car, so I am taking it home Monday and
    Hope it was a one time glitch. Dealer told me
    If happens again they will replace car, so I'm ok with
    That. During this week I have driven mustang convert.
    Ford fission full loaded, p.o.s. impala, and now a loaner
    Cts. None as good as ats.
    Dealer has been great, and am satisfied that car will be
    Ok, looking forward to putting some km's on it.

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    Great offer from the dealer to replace the car if it happens again. You have a good dealership.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cfrp View Post
    Great offer from the dealer to replace the car if it happens again. You have a good dealership.
    yeah he's lucky, usually dealers make you wait to demand a replacement under lemon laws

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