Does anyone else find the rear seat and trunk space too small? I know what your thinking: Well then why did you buy it? Well, here's what happened. I told my wife last November that I was going to go out and buy her a new car. She does not like the car buying experience whatsoever so she said OK. I had been following the development of the ATS for quite a while and fell in love with it from the get go, and then loved it even more when I drove it. So I bought her an AWD Performance with a 3.5L. After I get it home she tells me to put the car seat in for the grandkids and the booster seat goes in the trunk. That's when I realized that it was on the small side. I did not think about the seats for the grandkids. With the big seat always strapped in it comes very close to the back of the passenger seat without any of the grandchildren sitting in it. And the trunk seemed fine when I was buying it, but put that booster seat in and suitcases are a tight squeeze. Now I admit that this is my fault for not thinking of it. Short of those two items (and maybe the CUE) I love driving this car. Great handling, great ride. I am an American car driver so I have never even sat in a BMW, but just out of curiosity, is the back seat just as tight in the 3 Series?