Cadillac to make a 1 series righter?
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    Cadillac to make a 1 series righter?

    A Reuters report states that Cadillacís answer to the enthusiastic BMW 1 Series and new Mercedes-Benz CLA has been delayed, citing supplier sources. Itís not clear how far along the program even was, but weíve heard before that GMís Alpha rear-wheel-drive architecture ó despite how it shines in the Cadillac ATS ó has limitations in terms of how well it can downsize into B-segment form. Letís hope the minds in GM have come up with a solution for a small rear-wheel-drive vehicle, as this could also spell a Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ fighter from Chevrolet.

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    Interesting stuff :O

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    the problem is GM is having trouble shortening the ALpha platform to accomodate even an ATS coupe, I dont know what platform they intend on using for an even smaller RWD coupe. I've heard rumors GM is working on a fully modular platform like the one underpinning VW/Audi vehicles. that type of modular platform can be shortened or lengthened at will, at VW the same platform is underpinning the Golf all the way to the Touraeg...

    A platform like this could underpin something similar to the Chevy 130R concept...

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    So if they will be making a 1 series fighter, does that mean they will also be expanding on that platform to include a sedan, to possibly compete with the 2 series gran coupe? aka Mini ATS?

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    I hope not, I feel BMW is taking a bad road slicing up their models into razor thin niches... They are now going to have a 2 series coupe and cabrio, a 2 Series Gran Coupe and a 2 Series GT.... And i think BMWs problem is that they reached the top luxury sales spot and are now scrambling for ways to keep them there instead of looking at what actually got them there.

    As long as Cadillac continues to mimic BMW pre 2010 they will be rockstars. I'd like to see the ATS get a coupe variant on a modular chassis that can then be shortened into a 1 series fighter. It would be cool to have an ATS sedan, wagon and coupe. Or Sexier a coupe/shooting brake.... LUSTTT

    even this 1 series fighter would look gorgeous as a fast back, would love to see a little chevy nova action going on...

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