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View Poll Results: Would you purchase an ATS if you could turn back the clock and choose over again?

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  • Yes, I would again choose an ATS (maybe a different one, but still an ATS). I am happy.

    17 94.44%
  • No, I regret my decision. If I knew then what I know now, I would not have chosen an ATS.

    1 5.56%
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    Quote Originally Posted by bluwoody View Post
    I didn't get a new ATS.....went back to a GMC Terrain!!
    hows mileage on that? :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by bluwoody View Post
    I liked the car but started having problems that the dealer could not reproduce, I travel a bunch and didn't want to get stuck on the road. I traded it in when the last problem happened.
    It is really, really sad that that was your only option...

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    well i guess if you need to rely on your car and your car is having problems it would make sense to trade it in while you can. better than being stuck with a broken car halfway across the country on a road trip.

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    What I meant by the sad part was that his car was having problems which were not fixed. It is too bad that they were unable, or unwilling, to do something for him.

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    I think he traded it in because he didn't want to deal with it anymore.

    I'm sure Cadillac was still trying to fix the problem (though probably not very successful)

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    Bluwoody, just wondering why you didn't try another ATS? Chances are the second one would have been okay. Did they give you that option? I sure love mine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yanie1020 View Post
    Bluwoody, just wondering why you didn't try another ATS? Chances are the second one would have been okay. Did they give you that option? I sure love mine.
    yeah usually getting another ATS from a different production time frame would be better as the same issues might not be present, finding that out is probably the best thing to do before buying a new ATS

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    you are still taking another chance I guess.

    There is no doubt there are many happy ATS owners out there

    Forums will only collect enthusiasts and dissatisfied owners.

    The regular owner wont come onto a forum to talk about how they like their car and aren't having any problems with it

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    Yes I would buy another. Its now about 1.5 years old with 22k on the ticker and no real problems. My only issue is I have the optional wheels which leave you with anti pot hole tires (35 series), have bent two of them so far but otherwise the car is good. Yes CUE is slower than I would like but you get use to it and I understand the new one is much better. Mileage is average around 24 with the 2.0 and AWD.
    Too Many Toy's, Not Enough Time!

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