Watch Runner Runner Online While Dover starts out as a mild-mannered father with an idyllic if simple suburban life, he becomes something far more. Jackman portrays his character's angst with pitch-perfect delivery, showing the transformation of a man who is pushed to his limits and forced to do things he never thought he was capable of to save what is most important to him. Watch Man of Steel Online

Watch Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters Online Meanwhile, Detective Loki provides a much-needed aspect of balance as the cool-headed detective who is struggling not to become jaded by his job. This complex dynamic would be impossible if both actors weren't so well versed in their craft. In spite of the differences in their styles and personalities, Jackman and Gyllenhaal make a great onscreen pair.Watch Star Trek Into Darkness Online

Watch One Direction This Is Us Online Another interesting aspect of the onscreen relationship between Dover and detective Loki is the division of the role of hero in the film. Although Jackman's character could be viewed as the film's main protagonist, he is certainly not the only one. Detective Loki plays a vital role in the film, and Gyllenhaal's portrayal of him demonstrates the inner complexity of the character. Watch Dragon Ball Z Battle of Gods Online

Watch The Mortal Instruments City of Bones Online Loki went into law enforcement to make a difference and protect the innocent. He has spent his entire career focused on others, so having to let a criminal go free while two young girls go missing takes an understandable toll on his emotions and stability. While Dover is forced to battle between his protectiveness as a father and his inner demons. Watch Spring Breakers Online

Watch The Conjuring Online Loki is faced with his own internal battle between his responsibility to uphold the law and the convictions that led him to make it a career in the first place. All in all, "Prisoners" (watch trailer) is a truly unique film that delivers on action, suspense, great acting performances, and plenty of moral dilemmas that will be fuel for thought long after the film is over.Modern Family Season 5 Episode 4

Watch We're The Millers Online Flint (Bill Hader) is an enthusiastic young inventor who created the machine that wreaked havoc over his hometown of Swallow Falls in the original "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs." The machine, which he lovingly called the Flint Lockwood Diatonic Super Mutating Dynamic Food Replicator (FLDSMDFR), malfunctioned and caused a deluge of food to rain down on Swallow Falls. Criminal Minds Season 9 Episode 3

Watch Kiss Ass 2 Online The food, delicious as it was, was piling up too high, putting the lives of all the townspeople at risk. Flint finally destroyed the machine, saving everyone in the process. "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2" picks up soon after the events of the original film, with the island town still in recovery from the food floods.Nashville Season 2 Episode 3

Watch Baggage Cliam Online All his life, Flint has looked up to Chester V (Will Forte), a fellow inventor and the owner of The Live Corp Company, which has produced a pocket-sized food machine. Chester hears about what happened in Swallow Falls and agrees to clean up the town at no cost as long as Flint takes an entry-level job at Live.American Horror Story Season 3 Episode 1