Hello all….I am thinking about finally “growing up” and getting myself an “adult” car. I’ve always been impractical in my vehicle purchases. It started when I was 18 and bought a Fiero. I now own a Pontiac Solstice GXP. I’m not sure how many of you know, but the GXP has a 2.0L turbo motor which was the mother to the engine that is in the ATS. The LNF is a great motor, I’m pushing about 310hp right now and was wondering, how is the ATS stock? Is it quick? Does it feel like there’s a lot of power? I know that for about $1000 I can get to 350hp on this car. My concern is that I will sell my current, which I love, and buy something that I can’t stand in 3 months because it’s a dog. I’m a huge HP and handling person. I’ve owned sports cars all my life and this would be my first non-sports car. Hoping you guys here can help me out a little and give me your opinions. I know there are options out there to get to 500hp if I want too….bigger turbo, different tune, etc….but I’m not looking for that if I don’t need it. I also know that this version of the 2.0L is more durable then my LNF. Many of the guys that own a Sky/Solstice and have blown their motors are going to the ATS motor because it’s easier to get the bigger HP numbers.