HELP PLEASE! I've read everything I can possibly get my hands on explaining how to seafoam my engine through the vacuum line, but I can't figure out what vacuum line I'm supposed to be using and more specifically where that vacuum line is located. I have a really rough idle issue, even after the throttle body has been cleaned, but i have faith that the decarb through the vacuum line will get rid of a lot more carbon then I have been getting from just dumping seafoam into the gas tank. I'm new to DIY car maintenance...more or less forced into it after the dealership has giving me astronomical quotes, first for the throttle body cleaning (which I successfully did myself), but more recently for the engine decarb treatment.

I'm a visual learner and would really benefit from being shown where the hose is. I'm going to take a picture of the engine bay and post it here in a few. If you guys could point it out to me and leave any tips/instructions/advise, I'd really appreciate it!