Has anyone else had a torque converter go bad? I took my car in because it felt like it had a rough idle. When stopped at a light it would shake like a Harley. I thought it might be a bad plug or ignition coil. After they had it for a day they called and said it was a bad torque converter. It has been over a week now. I call about every other day and they keep telling me it will be another day or two. How big of repair is this? Does the engine, transmission and from drive axle all need to come out? Will the car ever be the same? It has 35000 miles so it should still be under warranty. I thought buying a Cadillac would mean less repairs than my Cruze but it seems to be in the shop more often.

I got my ATS back yesterday. The dealership charged 77.84 hours worth of labor plus parts. I didn't get a total breakdown of the parts but labor alone had to be in the $6000-$7000 range. The kicker is that the vibration at idle is still there, nothing changed! When I brought this to the service advisor's attention he sat in the car at idle and noted that it "had a little bump" and told me it could be a "fuel issue" and that I should use a fuel additive/conditioner and that should make it idle better.
WOW!!! a HUGE charge to GM warranty and the customer is told to add a fuel treatment to solve the problem! What is wrong with this picture?
Signed: Dissatisfied and last time Cadillac customer!