Hello All, I'm looking at a 2013 Cadillac ATS 2.0T w/ CUE system and I have been doing some Google searches but hoping some kind folks here may have better answers.

1) I'm buying the car online and I can see it has CUE system. I've test driven one. Based on reviews the CUE system and backup camera is part of a package that includes 60/40 split rear seats. Is that stanard on all 2013 ATS or only on certain packages?

2) I've owned almost every car with every variation except rear-engine/rear-wheel drive (aka Porsche 911 variant). I usually have software that gives me similar access like dealer (Audi/VW is VAGCOM and Porsche is Durametric). Is there anything similar for Cadillac ATS? Not just simple OBDII scanner to read and clear codes.

3) I test drove a 2013 VW CC 2.0t, Mercedes-Benz C250 Sport, and ATS 2.0t . I find the Caddy to have the most power and best handling, however, I'm concerned about reliability since my dad's 1992 Deville started to have lots of electronic issues after about 5yrs+ Are there major known issues to watch out for on ATS?

4) How durable is the leather/leatherette on ATS? It seems to be thinner than VW CC and Benz C250. Are special cares aside dont wear jeans?

Thank you in advance for your input.