Hey guys I know that you have all probably answered this a thousand times but hoping you will answer once more. I recently totaled by Ram 2500 and was given a DTS for a rental, I fell in love with it. My previous experiences have been Audi's, VW's and Camaro's and a multitude of trucks. After days of wondering, trying to research and stopping at 2 different dealerships where I appeared to know more than them Im stuck...

If I can find a reasonably priced, gently used 16' ATS V that would be the way Id like to go. However I drive 40 miles each way to work. Reasonable or are these cars garage queens?

My second choice is a new 16 or 17 ATS coupe and where my confusion comes in.
2.0 4 cyl or the 3.6 V6???
RWD or AWD???

My gut tells me I want the 3.6 since it has more power and with the car under warranty I could do exhaust, intake and a tune to hopefully achieve 350hp. Doing the same to the 2.0 wont achieve the same without voiding the warranty and going to a bigger turbo correct? And If I wanted to spend that much Id be back at spending that on the V model.

And now for the drivetrain question. Whats the difference? Whats preferable? Do you wish you would have gotten one over the other? Im mostly highway driving with the occasional red light to red light.

Thanks in advance for any knowledge you can share with a new fan and soon owner.