Hi, I'm Ted
We just bought a black 2016 Luxury ATS 2.0T and love it. We live in a small 1851 'balloon' constructed white house and we
are so fortunate to have this car join our 2002 C5 red Corvette in the driveway this summer. A dream come true.
We have a few questions:

- How do remove those really ugly warnings sticker on the underside of the visors?
- I'm anal (having fun) about getting the best gas mileage (I know it's a cadi) and it is very difficult to get less than 8 l/100km.
Any suggestions?
- What tire pressure do you members recommend? I'm thinking 35 psi all round.
- the analogue speedo gauge reads almost 4 km higher than the digital indicator. Which one is correct and can they be sync'd?
- the auto stop at stop lights works and then doesn't work. When you see auto stop OFF, does that mean to press the button to
turn it OFF or that it is OFF. Same thing goes for the A/C indicator. AC OFF means that A/C is OFF or pressing the button
turns it OFF. Dumb question I know, but...

I've tried using premium gas but I can't really tell the difference.

I also wish this ATS had a four speed auto with the fourth gear having the same ratio as the 8th gear. Eight speeds
suck in a full throttle run.