Conventional Oil in 2013 ATS 2.0L Turbo
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    Conventional Oil in 2013 ATS 2.0L Turbo

    Had my oil changed in my ATS today. Asked for the proper Synthetic Blend oil change as is recommended for my car. Got home and looked at my receipt and noticed that it was filled with Quaker State Advanced Durability oil which appears to be conventional. Should I be concerned? I assume I should disregard the OLM and get an oil change must sooner, around 5,000 miles. Or should I go back and ask them to put the correct oil in? Thanks for the help.

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    Since there doesn't seem to be many people answering questions on this forum, let me put you to ease. It is a higher end Group II conventional oil with an above average additive package. You're spot on at 5k mi interval, too. As long as you're not getting into high boost or turning the car off after the turbo is extra hot, you could use that oil every time.

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    The term "blend" is probably why they did not use full synthetic (as it come from GM with). Todays engine are running hotter than ever(to help with emissions, supposedly - also, helps fuel mileage.) With the size of todays ATS engine, and quality of fuel being offered, I would use the best quality oil (and fuel) I could get! If you perhaps sometimes change the oil yourself, you will find full synthetic 5W-30 oil (Walmart brand, for example) only costs approx $15.00/5 qts! + $6 bucks for a AC Delco PF64 oil filter. Cheap insurance I feel!

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