Just thought I would say hello from Texas
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    Cool Just thought I would say hello from Texas

    Just wanted to say hello from Texas and that I love my ATS. I done a few mods in cat less downpipe and pfadt cai and the exhaust and tuning is coming on Wednesday! Anyways just thought I would say hi! Will post a pic later when on a real computer and can upload one of my ATS sitting on 20"s. 

    Edited: As promised here is the best pic I have of my car right now.

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    welcome aboard Graphiks! Would love to see a vid of your catless ATS, we've only seen catbacks round here so far! ON 20's, insanity... so in for pics

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    Getting a full downpipe back magnaflow exhaust and tune on Wednesday and will video the dyno when are tuning it and share it on here. I can tell you right now that I walked away from a new 325i the other day with no problem!

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    WEll everything has been installed including the 68mm turbo and a mid level tune along with some other goodies and man....its a beast. Keeping up with a supercharged dodged challenger hemi was fun and pulling in 4th was even better. I am running around 23lbs of boost right now but need a turbo jacket and manifold wrap! I have to keep specs under wraps until we officially finish the tuning the start the true dynoing, but the dyno last night showed 489lbs of torque! IF you see me in Houston don't be afraid to stop me and talk, you can always tell by the carbon fiber stickers on the back quarter panel glass!

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