Hello, I bought my 2016 ATS sedan a few weeks ago used. Just needed a decent ride for work etc. since I decided to keep the Camaro that I've outgrown for every day use. I traded my CR-V for the Caddy.

I did not do my homework and rushed my way into this lil Caddy. My black luxury model with sunroof is nice (and handles surprisingly well) but I wish I could trade it back due to the "buzzy" 2.5 4 banger. I'm fine with it being an automatic but wish I had researched more and got the more powerful 2.0T since the gas mileage looks to be the same, plus would love the rush of a turbo and it would be easy to make a little quicker if I wanted to go that route down the road.

After saying all that, I love the ride/luxury stuff in my ATS and maybe within a year or two I'll be looking for a 2.0T Coupe as I love the way the two door looks.