My 2014 ATS is blowing warm air on the passenger side. It is most likely the blend door actuator which is fairly simple to replace once you have the glove box out. I have done extensive searches to see how the glove box is removed and there are no postings that clearly show how to do it. It is probably simple enough and that is why there are no postings. However, everything is simple once you know how to do it.
I would like to request if anyone in the forum has done it, if so, can you give me instructions on how to remove the box. I seen videos on how to replace the air filters showing how to remove the CD player. It looks as if there are four more screws holding the glove box but I am not sure. Also does the battery needs to be disconnected to prevent the air bag from activating? or it has nothing to do with the air bag.

Thank you

There is a video of a person replacing the Blend Door Actuator but it really does not tell you the details.