Your budget is the most important factor of buying a car stereo, and the range we’ve found in the 10 best isn’t too daunting. We’ve seen some extremely solid stereo receivers priced at under $100, while many (with extra features and bells and whistles) go above and beyond that if it’s what you’re looking for. We found the best car stereo within numerous price points to give you some options.
About 8 out of 10 models in here have Bluetooth functionality. Even almost 5 years ago, having BT on your stereo was a bit of a rarity, but luckily nowadays it’s quite common. Is this important to you? Our best Bluetooth car stereo guide also highlights this type of model.
CD compatibility?
With the widespread and ever-growing popularity of our smartphones, streaming services, and Bluetooth technology, the good ol’ (can’t believe we’re using that phrase with them) compact discs are becoming so unwanted, many manufacturers aren’t even building CD players into their decks anymore! Some popular car stereos don’t even provide CD\DVD compatibility, so we made sure to state if they did or not, in case you wanted it (we still use our CD players in case of emergencies if we have Bluetooth or cell service problems, or if we want to throw it back and play that old mix our ex-girlfriend made us in 2007).
Make sure it fits
Very important here! Car stereo sound systems can get tricky. Make sure the receiver you’re looking at fits your car. Amazon has a nice option to select your car model to see, but we also recommend literally measuring it just to double-check. Yes, we’ve purchased new receivers before without doing so and it literally did not fit!
Single or double DIN?
This means that you’ll have to determine what type of mounting kit you’ll need. The smaller stereos you’ll see below are single-DIN, while the bigger models (that are twice the height) are double-DIN. If you’re installing your car stereo yourself, you’ll need to follow some crucial steps. If you’re getting it professionally installed, they can definitely help you out more with this.
Extra features?
Touch screen, video, phone call support, voice recognition, USB control, DVD receiving, HDMI inputs, and more — some may find these overkill, while others are quite essential. Which are important to you and worth the price increase? We highlight the main features of each model.
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