We recently returned from a long trip from the Bay Area to Phoenix and back and the ATS proved itself to be a wonderful grand touring vehicle, handling all road conditions extremely well and in great comfort. The CUE navigation worked perfectly and, frankly, is the best in-car auto navigation application I've used. I especially like the seamless voice of the woman's navigation and street reading. Well done, Cadillac.

We started out with an average MPG reading of 17.0 (I drive primarily city) and by the time we returned it was 22. I don't really care too much about gas mileage but during one stretch we averaged 27 MPG, not bad considering that I can't say that I'm a slow or timid driver.

Our Caddy is the opulent blue metallic and we had several people comment at how beautiful the car is. At one gas station, we had a couple pull in front of us to tell us how much they liked the lines of the car, the LEDs, and especially the color.

I really like the Caddy around town but the ATS has really proven to be a better touring car.