New 2013 ATS for 27K?
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    New 2013 ATS for 27K?

    I really want the new ATS. I went to the dealership today and they mentioned that theres a lot of incentives on 2013 Cadillac ATS's. I want a 2.5l base but I want the CUE info system which is a $1,300 upgrade and doesn't require the luxury version. My mom bought an SRX 3 years ago which is a
    $1,000 loyalty incentive but my brother owns a Honda which is a $1,500 foreign car incentive which is can't be combined with the loyalty incentive. Consumer reports say a 2014 version is worth $30,000. So I guess this entire post comes down to is do you think I could get one for 27K of possibly 28K? have you ever heard of a deal that good?

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    I bought my new 2013 ATS on 20 Feb 2014. It is a Raven Black 2.0T 6A Luxury with tinted windows, 18" wheels and a host of other options. The window sticker was $44,350, but end-of-year discounts and some arm twisting brought it down to a hair over $38,000. I was all right with that, and the dealer gave me a smoking trade-in on my Jetta tdi.
    How can Consumer Reports say a 2014 is worth $30k, when the base price for the least expensive model of ATS is over $33k? If you can get a new ATS for $27k, then go for it, but that does sound like too good a deal to be true for a brand new Cadillac.

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