Hello, everyone! I am into the fourth week of ownership of my second Cadillac. MY first was a 1963 ElDorado convertible, which I bought in 1973. Black, with red leather, dents, bad paint, torn upholstery, but it ran like a dream: quiet, powerful, and thirsty! I loved that car!
My new one is a 2013 ATS, also black with red leather, but brand new and perfect! I also love this car! Fast, smooth, handles like a sports car.
I have 1100 miles on it, and in a carefully driven deliberate manner, I averaged 37.2 mpg on a 100 mile run through the mountains yesterday! Some town driving, mostly a steady 60 mph up and down the mountains. I don't drive like that all the time: this run was for mileage bragging rights, and to test how accurate the car's computer was at averaging mileage. The computer, reset at the start of the trip, gave me 34.5 mpg average for the run, while fill-run-refill-compute with paper and pencil gave me 37.2.
I bought the Luxury with 2.0T 6A in Raven Black and Morello Red.
I look forward to getting to know you folks.

Craig in Utah