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    Felton10, can you please give an update about you 2.5 L rough idling?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JavaGirl View Post
    Hum... I am sure there are other people like me who reads forums before making a decision about what to purchase. I have decided on the ATS and already put in an order. But after reading this particular thread and another one about rough idling and problems at stop lights, I am starting to wonder.

    Laura M., get GM to help these people! Also, taking a conversation off the thread without customer follow-up here leaves everyone wondering what the status is for those people.

    Has anyone here had a successful resolution to this problem? By the way, I ordered a 2014 2.5 L, and it was built last week and is sitting 4B00 Bayed in Lansing waiting on the train.
    Hello JavaGirl,

    GM is aware of this situation and we are working hard to address the issue. I apologize that you do not agree with the way that our protocols work, but we look at each issue on a case by case basis. To protect the customer’s privacy and to ensure that the concern is worked on a case by case basis, we must be able to talk to the customer privately. We urge anyone who is experiencing this issue to private message us so we are able to document their concerns. Thank you very much for your time.

    Gregory W.
    Cadillac Customer Care

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    I always suggest that people CALL GM's customer service to get issues dealt with and take note of everyone's name, that way they make things happen for you much faster rather than wasting your time.

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    July 4 2013 your blogs are perhaps old news by now, July. But my 3.6 performance model has no vibrations, ever. 6000 km. and 4 months old. touch wood........no problems at all with the ATS. Even the car reviewers don't understand the CUE system..........they knock the radio volume control on CUE........but never mention the volume buttons on the steering wheel ! Some mock the seat vibration warnings........but it is an excellent design. When backing up in a parking lot and a vehicle is approaching from the side.........vibrating seat stops me..........and passengers don't even know is was the car, not me, that saw the cross-traffic. Reviewers don't get a chance to learn CUE, so they just slam it. With the nice red colour........I just drive the car and keep it washed and waxed. John H.

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    Quote Originally Posted by John H View Post
    July 4 2013 your blogs are perhaps old news by now, July. But my 3.6 performance model has no vibrations, ever. 6000 km. and 4 months old. touch wood........no problems at all with the ATS.
    Quote Originally Posted by Muffin View Post
    Good for you. Try a 2.5 to get that rock and roll feeling. Glad you can afford a v6. Congrats
    Muffin, having a 3.6 isn't the answer. this thread about vibration and hesitation was started by a 3.6 owner and includes complaints by other 3.6 owners. Every mass produced engine ever built has examples that vibrate, hesitate or stall. You really hurt your cause (getting the problem with YOUR car fixed) by going off on tangents and acting like the solution is to have another type of engine. It's very obvious that some 3.6s, 2.0s and 2.5s vibrate and just as obvious that the VAST majority of each type do not. John was pointing out that not all 3.6s vibrated. You should take hope from the same fact about your type of engine.

    I don't know if you ever were involved in any group or team effort but if you were you should realize your defeatist, negative attitude has to undermine the desire of your dealer, Cadillac and other forum members to solve your problem. Your problem CAN be fixed, after all most owners don't have the problem. You have an influence on the likelyhood of it getting fixed. Everyone who can help resolve your problem is human. All humans' performance is affected by how they feel about the situation and the people they are dealing with. Try this experiment: go speed until you get stopped twice. The first time, be contrite, respectful and courteous. The second time, tell the cop (s)he's a pig and out to mess with people just like all cops are. The odds are VERY high the results will be different. The same goes for fixing your car.

    Good luck. I hope your car gets fixed.
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    The vibration is not because its a 3.6L V6

    I'm going to go and assume it could either be an internal issue causing rough idle or possible the engine mounts.

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    Per my salesman who contacted GM. The customers have to understand that this engine is designed to rough idle and rock.so to answer all who have this issue tough beans per GM it's not a issue and will not be addressed no matter what the customer service rep says in these forums that standard answer is to prolong the issue until you fulfill your committment to paying for your ats.so we are stuck even if you lemon law it because they the service manager makes sure they put no trouble found or can't be replicated so lemon law fails us if anyone can figure out a better way please let me know.looking forward to someone having success with GM. The reason why I post these comments is to join the frustration of every ats owners with the condition I have tried in earnest to get a answer but none to be had but I know one thing we have been had.if this cant be resolved I swear to my last dieing breath i will never buy a GM product ever unless someone can help ALL of us
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    I agree with you that the motor should be smoother but Cadillac thinks it is
    This is a DIRECT QUOTE I just received. In a respond in a email about the engine from my car salesman asking him to get me out of this car into a turbo which the dealer says is better.salesman final comment in email. I am very sorry but there is nothing I can personally do at this time.
    So there you go ats fans that's the support you will receive for cadillac and GM overall
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    I have an ats 3.6 liter since may 2013 and i have engine vibration ( unstable idle ) too.

    the dealer said that there's nothing to do . ( they scan my computer and everything was ok ) .

    i've make a complain to gm canada and they said that enginering is working on that .

    So i have to wait for a service bulletin to fix that

    I had other problems like speed meter , steering light , inside heating and footrest

    i'm from quebec canada

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    strange how GM still hasn't found out why it does this yet they acknowledge the problem

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