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    Hi everyone,

    I have been having many issues with my Cadillac ATS - in fact the first ATS i had was replaced because of manufacturer defects that led to a malfunction on the vehicle. I have been having a difficult time receiving a straight answer from GM and I am frustrated to say the least.

    Anyways, I have begun to assemble a number of Cadillac ATS owners that are experiencing engine issues with their ATS, specifically to do with engine vibration and hesitation, where GM does not provide a solution to the problems. Please private message me the details on the issues with the vehicle and I will compile all records on individual vehicles and present them at once with professional guidance.


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    I have a 2013 with a 2.5 experiencing the same issues. Back out of my garage, stop and put car in drive and power is gone for several seconds. It almost appears as if the tires are spinning and the traction control kicks on but no tire spin and no light present for the traction control. Car has never completely stalled on me. I have had a scanner instrument connected to the car with no codes present. Very frustrating. First Cadillac I have owned and so far I like the car but not impressed with this issue. I would like to hear back from a Cadillac professional on my options. Thanks

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    hello hope i can make the cut i have been having the same issue of a minor vibration when stopped and at a idle. Cadillac dealer says this is normal. No this is not! It is as if a minor misfire but the strange thing is there is no pattern i can find it is just so random. Please advise on any finds my vehicle is a 2013 cadillac ats 2.5l with 49k i have 1k before the factory warranty is out the window.

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    After seeing that this issue is affecting the ats 2.0t / 2.5/ and the 3.5 this issue may not be the engine but a accessory (fuel injector, motor mount) that is used on all 3 engines the exhaust some thing that is common. I know this is a luxury vehicle and the competition is the bmw 3 series but this is ridiculous. Im sure the bmw 3 series does not have this problem. is it possible that a calibration might be needed and gm/ cadillac cant get it right so they sweep us and this issue under the rug! 51% out of the 100% are running good no need to fix it smh shouldve bought a ford at least they have had plenty of recalls to try to remedy the problems

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